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This page is an online bulletin board for the MIT Fintech community. If you have an event, opportunity, or other notice that you would like to share with the MIT Fintech community, we invite you to fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Looking for CFO/Cofounder to lead sales with experience on BuySide

Medici is a fintech startup whose aim is to provide the buy side with tools to be competitive in a distributed capital market. We are looking for a CFO/cofounder, preferably a Sloan MBA or MFin with experience at a hedge fund or similar firm. He or she will many hats along with the other two team members but focus on sales, brand awareness, marketing and financial logic.

Contact: Michael Peña,

Posted: Dec 26, 2018

Want to co-found a Microfinance Tech MIT Startup with your data analytics skills?

The startup is looking for someone to lead data analysis and insights for an alternative credit score using savings products in Latin America. The company is a Fintech peer-savings platform that allows people to save in groups. “Neuron” builds financial history using network theory and data analytics, and sell durable goods and financial products to customers.

Contact: Guillermo Marroquin,

Posted: Nov 29, 2018

MIT Fintech Business Plan Competition

Thinking about entrepreneurship? Have an exciting FinTech idea? We want to hear from you! The MIT FinTech club is hosting the 4th annual Business Plan Competition. Submit your idea by November 30th for the chance to win $5K and gain exposure to startup gurus, industry leaders, and VCs.

Apply here:

Posted: Nov 19, 2018


A fully immersive, full-time educational program. A three-week sprint with one overarching goal … helping MIT students understand and achieve functioning at “entrepreneurial speed.”  

Comprised of MIT founders and teams with new ideas and an itch to dive in fully on their startup ideas – many for the very first time – fuse students receive sophisticated and individualized mentorship from the Trust Center entrepreneurs-in-residence while also relying on the support of their fellow cohort members.  

MIT fuse is all about workshops not lectures, and hard work not homework. It provides students with the chance to see if they like and thrive in the lifestyle of a startup, learning valuable skills including team dynamics, customer acquisition strategies, how to work fast and effectively, and how to pitch your company or idea. 

During fuse, teams create preliminary products and services, talk to customers, and even take part in mock board meetings as a way of teaching them the need to be accountable in achieving their stated goals. All of this results in high-value learning opportunities that help guide the students on the path toward building a company.

FYI – 8 of the 27 teams in last year’s delta v cohort took part in MIT fuse

Contact: MIT fuse (

Posted: Nov 9, 2018

MIT FinTech Startup Business Plan Competition

The annual MIT FinTech Startup Business Plan Competition will take place December 7 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at MIT Sloan. Mark your calendars because applications will go out soon! Over $US 5,000 will be awarded to the FinTech best business plans.

Posted: Oct 31, 2018

NasdaqOTC - Bulletin Board for Broker-Dealers & RIAs, Inc. ( is a bulletin board for RIAs and IBDs. Seeking Co-Founders interested in UI / Software / FinTech / RegTech / Blockchain / markets, etc.

Contact: Eric Melin ,

Posted: Oct 30, 2018

Looking for technical co-founder to lead payment prototype development

Qullquipu, an offline payment solution for the unbanked at the base of the pyramid, is looking for a Course 6 / EECS major passionate about building gadgets, financial inclusion and being contrarian!

We are looking for someone to help us develop a prototype of a single-purpose, offline, off-chain, contactless, peer-to-peer digital payments device. Why? Tracking the cash flow activities for the unbanked allows them to build –an otherwise unattainable– credit history that will improve their chances to access financial services and break from the poverty cycle.

More information on the project:

Contact: Fernando del Campo,

Posted: Oct 25, 2018

Zippi - IAP Internship Opportunity

Zippi is an online lender providing accessible and gamified personal loans to gig economy professionals in Brazil, with a focus today on ride-hailing app drivers. We're looking for someone with experience on digital marketing to develop and implement our outbound and inbound marketing strategy for customer acquisition. Work will take place over January - IAP, the team will work on the ground from Rio in Brazil! (housing will be provided)

Reach out if you're interested!

Contact: Andre Bernardes,

Posted: Oct 24, 2018

Looking for a UI/UX designer for Squiggle Financial Technologies, Inc.

Squiggle is redesigning the delivery of financial advice to low- and medium-income consumers. We are looking for a person experienced in designing UI for apps and web tools targeted for unsophisticated audience.

Contact: Andrey ( and Rob (

Posted: Oct 23, 2018

Looking for a Co-Founder for a Microfinance Tech MIT Startup to lead software development

Looking for someone to lead software development, build the front-end, and manage security protocols and connection to payment platforms. The company is a Fintech peer-savings platform that allows people to save in groups. “Neuron” builds financial history using network theory and data analytics, and sell “good” customers to financial institutions and stores.

Contact: Guillermo Marroquin,

Posted: Oct 23, 2018

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