Our 2020 Conference will take place on Friday, March 6th, 2020 in Boston, MA.

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See the line-up and highlights from our 5th Annual MIT FinTech Conference in 2019.

A world-class slate of keynote speakers and panelist will discuss the latest trends and innovations shaping the fintech industry. It will allow you to imagine: What is the next generation of Fintech?

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Our Conference Speakers:

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Our Conference Panels:

The Future of Fintech in Emerging Markets

Eighty-five percent of all payments in China are mobile. Micro-finance is the dominant form of service-delivery in Bangladesh. And more than three-quarters of ICO’s proceeds are raised outside North America. Fintech is rapidly evolving in the developing world, enabling whole countries to leapfrog outdated technologies and business models altogether. Where will innovation be the fastest? How will the future of fintech look different in Africa compared to the United States? This panel will attempt to answer these questions.

The Rise of Challenger Banks

High rates on savings. Little to no fees. Millennial-friendly mobile apps. It’s easy to assume that the new wave of online-only banks will rise to the top of the market, but the reality is more complicated. Most consumers still cite proximity of physical branches as their top reason for choosing a new bank, and the trust of well-established brands is difficult to replicate. Listen as the US CEO’s of several digital banks give their thoughts on such questions as what makes a successful bank? Is the US market ready for online-only banking? And why do they believe it will be the challengers who ultimately prevail in the battle for banking customers?

Incumbent Financial Institutions Strike Back

Far from being helpless bystanders, large financial institutions have been active players in the rise of Fintech to date. Whether through acquisitions, internal research and development, or strategic partnerships, the world’s largest banks have spent billions of dollars with the goal of staying one step ahead of their would-be disruptors. What goes into these investment decisions? Where are incumbent banks strong, and where are they vulnerable? What will the industry look like in 10 years? Our all-star panel includes a Fintech Chief Executive, a Head of Digital, and a Managing Director from some of the most recognizable names in financial services as they make their case in “The Incumbent Financial Institutions Strike Back.”

New Models of Fintech Evolution

What are the conditions under which Fintech innovation thrives? Do they include the resources and expertise of a large financial company? Or is it access to a network of collaborators that matters most? What role do nonprofits play? “New Models of Fintech Evolution” will feature the directors of several in-house accelerators, innovation labs, and initiatives all the same goal: supporting meaningful technological advances in Fintech. They’ll speak on their process and approach for developing great ideas, as well as the areas they’re seeing that are most ripe for transformation in Fintech.

Future of Fintech and the VC Landscape

Our final panel reflects on the promising future envisioned over the course of the day and asks a simple question: how do we get there? What role will venture capital play in building the next generation of fintech? Financial technology is now a mainstay of the VC community—what sectors and types of companies will be most attractive for investment? In “Future of Fintech and the VC Landscape,” our panel of VC investors will explore these topics from a diverse set of perspectives.

For our entire agenda and speaker line-up, click here.