Submit your application before December 10!



Monday 12/12 at 5:30PM 

Samberg Center E52 6th floor MIT Sloan

The Business Plan Competition is the second phase of the MIT FinTech entrepreneurial roadmap. We are looking for business ideas that are related to the Fintech space. You can present in teams or on your own, and you don't have to have a working prototype. At this point, we would love to see teams solving a specific problem that is meaningful for a set of customers. 

We have dedicated a lot of economic, as well as human support to help those teams willing to translate their idea into a product or service. 

We will fly side by side with you until April 2017, when we will celebrate the Startup Competition. We will then also look on teams and execution potential, based on the product/market fit that teams will have worked throughout the spring semester.

Business Plan Competition - The Process:

- By December 10: Submit your application by completing the form. It would be tremendously helpful if you also submit a video pitch and/or a link to your business plan deck. On the day of the competition you are expected to do a 5 minute presentation of your business idea, presenting the problem you are solving, the business model to address this problem, size of the market and revenue model.

- December 11: finalists will be announced

- December 12: Grand Finale where finalists will have 5 minutes to present to our judges for prizes ($10k in prizes)


- Is it OK if I have a cool idea and I prepare 4 slides that touch on THE PROBLEM, CURRENT STATUS, YOUR SOLUTION AND ITS UNIQUENESS AND THE TEAM? Please do that! We do not look at formats at all! We do not care about that!

- Do I need to have a product/service already in place? No. It will help us a lot to understand your solution to the problem, but no need to have one.

- Do I need to have customers? No.